SHAPING CHARACTERS / Rayogram and photomontage workshop

10-12 december, FFest 2015

Location: Sapientia University, Address: Calea Turzii Street no.4, Cluj-Napoca
Duration: 4 hours workshops daily, 10 – 11 december, with pre-registration.

FFEST workshops are continuing the line between traditional, analog photography and digital new or hybrid mediums. We live in a digital era where new mixed media are emerging constantly as new hybrid ways of creating, combining traditional analog photography means with modern technology.

We invite you to experience and learn how to do rayograms as traditional light drawing in the dark room, photomontage and shaping materials with a scanner.

After the 2 days of workshops a small exhibition will be made in the Studio of the Sapientia University, Calea Turzii Street no.4, Cluj-Napoca


Workshop coordinaters:

  • Prof.univ.dr. Dorel Găină (UAD) – shaping materials
  • Lect.univ.dr. Andrei Budescu (UAD)- photomontage
  • Lect.univ.dr. Mira Marincaş (Sapientia) – rayograms/dark room
  • Drd. Toma Tothpal (UBB) – photomontage

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