PulaPROfessional and Student Programme

Pula Film Festival is one of the oldest worldwide festivals featuring its 62nd edition this year. Long and rich tradition in valuable and unique ambience is basis for creating film sidebar and industrial programmes, which presently more than ever appear inseparable. The idea of film as media is a creative cooperation of numerous different professionals making one, original work. The idea of Creative Europe is also an idea about cooperation, mutual improvement and advancement. Crowded and competitive world of film professionals cannot successfully operate without balance between having full insight into own heritage and creative daring of certain authors. Bearers of fresh knowledge, but also vitality that does not admit limits are exactly students, young people in discrepancy between school predictability and uncertain professionalism.

Pula film festival in partnership with the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb becomes a place where the students from different countries would meet, where they can screen their own, but also see their peers films, and the place for connecting for those to whom connecting is necessary, so as to become competent film professionals in the near future. Besides the partnership with the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, we realized a cooperation with the national and international educative institutions:  Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, Acting and Media Studies in Rijeka, Academy of Arts in Osijek, Arts Academy in Split, Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade (Serbia), Academy of Arts in Novi Sad (Serbia), Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana (Slovenia),  Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje (Macedonia) and the Faculty of Theatre and Television in Cluj (Romania), which would also participate in the Student programme and present their films. The aim is to enhance and expand the academy net for which Pula would become a kind of platform for meetings and making new partnerships over years.

The programme in which students participate is imagined as a bond between competitive film programme (the Student programme) and transfer of knowledge where eminent film professionals would reveal „the secrets of crafts“to their younger peers (Pula PROfessional). In accordance with the idea that the Festival would turn every year in the direction of one specific film profession, this year a special interest would be dedicated to scenography. Tanja Lacko, awarded Croatian scenographer of numerous successful films, designed the structure and content of talks, lectures and meetings.

Deschiderea anului universitar

Deschidere an universitar Cinematografie și Media – linia română, luni, 28 septembrie, ora 11.00 Join Zoom Meetinghttps://zoom.us/j/94699393416?pwd=clFpMCs0VGsyY0QzMTJobXlLSXdqQT09 Meeting ID: 946

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