Paula Oneț la Karlovy Vary

Dupa succesul de la Cannes, filmul Paulei Onet, “Dupa fel si Chip” (As you like it) va fi prezentat intr-un alt mare festival international, Karlovy Vary. Prezentarea filmului va avea loc în 1 și 2 Iulie. Felicitari Paula si multumim!

About the film

Business is hopping at a photo studio in a small village not far from Cluj, Romania. Perfectly coiffed elderly residents arrive from a nearby hair salon to look their best for immortality. They are dead serious about posing for the camera, literally, for the resulting photograph will adorn the headstones of their carefully prepared graves. In her film, young Romanian documentarist Paula Oneț captures the touching way in which the villagers tend the appearance of their final resting place. Taken all together, the pictures could serve as a public photo album.

Directed by: Paula Oneț

Script: Paula Oneț

Dir. of Photography: Paula Oneț

Designer: Paula Oneț

Editor: Paula Oneț

Producer: Ioana Lascar

Production: Babeş-Bolyai University

Coproduction: I.F. Radu Oneț

Contact: Paula Oneț


Images of Witchcraft

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Dincolo de lume

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