What is Galactoria ?


These three years, between the safety of the college studios, our second home, and the frenzy of the audience, are reflected in the performances of the acting, directing and theatre classes, which we invite you to see in our festival. From showreels on fresh texts, to nonverbal performances, from tragedy to drama and modern drama, to contemporary theatre, we’ve crossed many ages and eras in our pursuits. Our versatility, our ability to find, with today’s tools, comedy in tragedy, topicality in ancient texts, strength in choreographing bodies to tell stories, will show that we are both playful and very mature, lucid and empathetic in our decisions.


Let Galactoria be our window or glasses to a more beautiful world of theatre, of fantasy, where you can be anyone and believe in anything. Workshops with theatre, dance and film people, interviews, photos from our productions are all part of the programme.